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Set design • Photography • Community exhibitions

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It seemed a good idea to return to university to study Fine Art when my children were also off studying at universities. My first degree was in Science, but with a creative wild card in me refusing to be ignored, I found myself studying again and graduated in 2002.

I love both Landscape and Life in their diverse forms, from abstract to figurative. My work is informed by light and form, frequently incorporating a geometric quality. The sense of ownership and territory implies the concealed history of a place and this is my starting point for the abstract landscape images.

The processes and media I use include; painting, printmaking, photography, drawing and glass. I enjoy many media; oils, acrylics, watercolour, inks, pen and charcoal. Some of the experimental and scientific attitude remains with me when I examine different approaches to art work and the results may be quite eclectic! Visit my
gallery to view my works.

I work on art projects in schools, the children take part in landscape painting workshops, or under my guidance, design and paint murals for their schools. Mini beasts are also popular. (These projects are informed by my science background of Botany, Zoology and Physiology)

Events include my forthcoming workshops, tuition and exhibitions

Also for information on my
gallery of art, and sales, please contact me for further details

Within my local community, I design and paint sets for the village pantomime, help with exhibitions and do photography and design of the monthly parish Diary.
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